The New Nashville: A Study of the Impacts of Historic Preservation

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Client: Metro Historical Commission

Date: April, 2019

The reasons for Nashville’s popularity are as cultural as they are economic. Nashville has developed a reputation for its distinctive neighborhoods, creative industries, its budding restaurant and bar scene, and its relaxed Southern vibe. A progressive Southern city, Nashville combines all the charm of the South, with the fast-paced momentum and opportunity of much larger cities. What’s more, Nashville is a city that nurtures compassion—city leaders have made inclusion and equity central to plans for Nashville’s future. Nashville is booming, and it’s looking to do so equitably.

This analysis was commissioned to answer two key questions: what is the impact of historic preservation in Nashville and how does historic preservation advance the goals of NashvilleNext? The findings reveal that historic preservation in general, and Nashville’s historic neighborhoods in particular, are not only compatible with the goals of NashvilleNext, but are indispensable components towards achieving them.

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