Announcing Remote Services

Author: Katlyn Cotton
Apr 21, 2020
For 30 years, PlaceEconomics has armed the preservation world with data-driven arguments on the economic impacts of historic preservation. We strive to do so even amidst the challenges caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic also comes at a time when historic preservation is under particular attack. Recently, misinformation about preservation has been spread in high profile news outlets. The need is greater than ever for facts and figures demonstrating the positive impact that historic preservation has on communities.
Like many small businesses, we recognize that for the safety of our team members and clients, we must adjust our business practices during this time. In light of these events, we’d like to announce a list of adapted, remote services to better serve the preservation field during the global COVID-19 pandemic. We usually pride ourselves on spending time on the ground and interacting face-to-face with stakeholders for each project. We believe that this strengthens our understanding of local issues and makes the final product that much stronger. While we love being on the ground and visiting your cities, social distancing holds us back. Since travel is not an option right now, our new remote services will allow us to continue to provide exceptional service and robust analysis from our home to yours. If your organization has wanted to measure the impact of historic preservation in your city, without necessarily commissioning a full report, this is your opportunity to get targeted research on the most pressing issue in your community. We want to help you build your arsenal of data-driven arguments to better advocate for historic preservation in your community.
We will be offering remote analysis on the following topics. Unlike our usual reports, these services are offered and priced individually.
  • Property Value Assessment of Historic Districts versus Rest of the City (check out this template to see what this product would look like!)
  • Demographics, Jobs, and Businesses in Historic Districts
  • Contribution of Older Building Stock to Affordable Housing
  • Cost of an Empty Building
  • Impact of Upper Floor Housing
  • Other historic district analysis by request
We will also be hosting a webinar series starting April 28th. Topics to include:
  • Affordable Housing in the U.S. and San Antonio (in partnership with Ticco and the City of San Antonio, sign up with Ticco here)
  • 24 Reasons Historic Preservation is Good for your Community
  • Preservation Incentives
  • Historic Urban Landscape Framework and Historic Preservation
  • Heritage and Resiliency
For more information about our new remote services, check out the services page.
Reach out to us today if you’re in need of demonstrable facts on the impacts of preservation in your community. We look forward to hearing from you!

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